Sales manager and administrator, she has over 15 years experience in the food sector. Her fields of specialization are the opening of emerging markets and the consolidation of mature territories.
Isabelle is an expert in introducing new products in emerging countries and in expanding existing ranges in mature markets.

Isabelle is a strong promoter of Made in Italy and she firmly believes in the ability of Italian companies to present technologically innovative and traditionally good products.

Isabelle’s objective is to introduce new products to countries that are open to our culture and to expand the already existing ranges on mature markets, proposing alternative solutions and creating needs.
She spends most of her time traveling, at international fairs, visiting customers and suppliers.
She graduated with Honors in social sciences at the University of Bath, specialized in marketing thanks to the course of the guru Philip Kotler.

Although the work is based primarily on personal interaction and knowledge of products, Isabelle continues to develop its training with continuous updates over the years. Among others, she took the diploma of taster judge of Aceto Balsamico GDP, attended the sensory sciences course at the University of Piacenza and recently obtained the G-Exp Master’s degree in Internationalization of the Italian agri-food excellences of SDA Bocconi.