an international sales office with experience and contacts

Partner Italia offers manufacturing companies a promotion and marketing service on international markets. The service is adapted according to the objectives and needs of the company, passing from the management and optimization of an already existing customer package to the expansion to new markets for certain products.

The Export consulting service includes:

  • Analysis and selection of areas of interest (market capacity, main competitors, customer profile, importers list)
  • Sales and promotions through trade fairs, collective sector missions or targeted trips with direct meetings
  • Creation of new products dedicated to specific markets, with specific feedback on each phase from quality control to packaging
  • The management of an international customer package includes:
  • Product line optimization
  • selection of the most suitable products
  • consultancy on packaging and recipes for adapting products to particular areas
  • translation and adaptation of labels
  • periodic visits to the production site
  • Order management and logistics
  • price negotiation and contract terms
  • contract, order and payment management
  • document verification and claims processing
  • periodic meetings with the customer
  • logistics