He has over 15 years of experience as an export manager at several Italian food companies for which he has worked mainly in the construction of new markets, in search of distributors, agents, wholesalers, inclusion in large-scale distribution, development of new projects in private labels but also to the growth of markets already consolidated in portfolios.

In recent years he has developed and followed multiple products with different brands of large international distribution, including:
IKI Supermarkets (LT), Waitrose (UK), Fruit & Veg (ZA), Metro (F), Loblaw (CA), Pick’n’Pay (ZA), The Fresh Market (USA), HEB (USA), Shoprite (United States), El Corte Ingles (ES), Dean & Deluca (United States), Maxima (LT), Palacio de Hierro (MEX), TJX (United States), Tesco (UK).

He, also, worked on multiple private label projects in retail and international food service including:
Harris Teeter (United States), Wegman (USA), Safeway (United States), WalMart (USA), Don Bruno (United States), Cucina Viva (United States), Castellana (United States), Felix (S), Lapastina ( BR), Mastro (CA), Arrezzio (United States), Bella Famiglia (United States), Ambrosia (United States), Del Destino (United States), Bello Rustico (United States), Woolworths (AUS), Coop (UK) , JB Sainsbury’s (UK), Intermarch√® (P), Woolworths (ZA)

Finally he worked in the industry channel (ingredients and semi-finished products) mainly with companies in Europe and the United States.